While this is a fairly closed Wiki, it's still necessary to create a behavioral policy for the other members. Read an adhere and we will be friends.

First-time offenses will be taken gracefully, especially if you are a new member; however, multiple offenses even after reading this policy will result in you being blocked and, if behavior does not improve, banned.

  1. Any profanity must be censored, or it will be otherwise be censored by an admin. Even then, if it needs a censor, it probably doesn't need to be said.
  2. No spamming on multiple threads. Keep it at a one minimum, or an extra one if absolutely necessary.
  3. Respect other people's anything (interests, ships, convictions, likes and dislikes, beliefs, talents, religion, et al). If someone shares details about their life or what they're up to or what they like, do not jump in to explain why you think what they're doing is wrong or how much you hate it. Don't scoff at others or look down on them because they don't like what you like or like what you don't like. This is not to say that any opinions on a topic you have that aren't positive should be silenced, but when sharing such views, please refrain from being disrespectful to anyone else.
  4. Closely related to #3, don't constantly bring up controversial issues such as fandom wars, politics, religion, social justice causes, et al.
  5. Don't be a xenophobe. You don't know the world behind other people's screens. They themselves may be or personally know the very people you're making fun of. Treat others as equals.
  6. If there's a character in The Caged Underworld that you do not like, it's generally not a good idea to complain about your animosity for them either. I'm used to people not liking and even outright hating my characters so it doesn't personally affect me, but it's not okay to rant excessively about your dislike/hatred for said character(s) or wishing they would die. Additionally, there are other people who may be quite fond of the character(s), and nobody likes having the thing they love torn apart in such a manner.
  7. When it comes to talk pages, don't leave messages that only entail a "Hi", "Good morning", or other related greetings and one-sentence posts. Your post is a greeting in and of itself, and to make post consisting only of such is a waste of text.

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