Kleinod OP
Kleinod in the season 1 intro.


Name Source German for "jewel" or "gem"
Gender Male
Physical Age 20
Chronological Age 27
Species Ghost
Ghost Subspecies Hungry Ghost
Date of Birth August 16, 1987
Date of Death January 3, 2008
Cause of Death Bulimic relapse
Human Form Makoto Hiranaka


Resides in Purgatory
Associates Weltraum, Sterbenfrau, Kotori, Foppen, Pluto, Persephone, Sternenglanz
Role in Purgatory Soul reaper
Forms and Aliases Makoto Hiranaka, Yuki Mizuno
Outline of Powers Teleportation, manipulation of acidic substances, healing factor
Weapon(s) Modular spear


First Appearance The Night Doesn't Last Forever
Voice Actor Tyler H.

Kleinod /klˈaɪnɒd/ is a main character in The Caged Underworld, and the viewpoint character of Jewels of Malice. His human form is Makoto Hiranaka. He reaps souls with his friend and lover Weltraum with the goal of becoming purgatory's future co-priests, and the two are rarely seen apart.


Kleinod shares most of the physical traits common with purgatory hungry ghosts. Even with grey skin, he is notably rather pale, although some fans depict him with an olive complexion. His hair is colored rosewood and he stands at 5 ft 9 in (152 cm). He wears a white leather jacket and a dark purple-white sweater underneath, as well as black gloves and pants that wrap around the soles of his shoes. On his right ring finger, he wears a gold wedding band with his ex-boyfriend Tomoe's name engraved in it, an item carrying over from his previous life where he wished to propose to him once meeting him in person.


Kleinod typically carries himself in a taciturn manner, but when around people close to him he reveals an easygoing and much goofier side to his personality, evidenced by his quirky mannerisms and oddball sense of humor. True to his condition as a hungry ghost, he is constantly ravenous and is usually seen with food on hand. This is somewhat carried over from his human life,

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due to him struggling with bulimia and
being a gourmand in general. He is calm, carefree and, in Weltraum's words, "obnoxiously optimistic"; but is capable of rage under certain circumstances. He tends to be cocky, wry and sarcastic at times, though nowhere near as snarky as Weltraum. Often he is the butt of teasing and insults from other characters, which he usually accepts in a nonchalant manner, except if Sterbenfrau is the one insulting him. Although he is quick to accept failure, he displays anxiety if anything sets him and Weltraum back in their quest to become priests, and he does struggle with feelings of inadequacy. He is very honest, if not somewhat blunt, and gets angry easily if he feels like he or someone he cares about has or is being lied to or when someone withholds information from him. Although not a misogynist by any stretch of the imagination, he lacks an innate respect for women in general and tends to be awkward and uncomfortable around them. He enjoys playing pranks on others, preferring to use speech rather than props (food being an exception) to carry them out. Other traits carrying over from his human life are his fondness for classical music, photography, cats and Michael Jackson (even boasting an ability to moonwalk in episode 3), his chain smoking, arachnophobia, laziness and weakness for candy.

He is also known for his fondness for puns, which he frequently bombards on anyone present. A running gag is such a victim (usually Weltraum) receiving his puns with strong antipathy and sometimes reacting with physical backlash.



Kleinod's canon orientation is confirmed to be asexual homoromantic. Prior to dating Weltraum, two former love interests are revealed in-story; a nameless abusive boyfriend and Tomoe Kawano, both of whom played pivotal roles in his previous life. While not without romantic overtones, his and Weltraum's relationship is depicted as brotherly for the most part, and both of them are doggedly loyal of the other due to the dangerous nature of their job and because Kleinod wants to protect Weltraum and be a reliable mentor for him. At the beginning of their relationship, he learns quickly how to place his trust with Weltraum, mostly due to Weltraum's physical unimposing nature. He has a slightly paternal effect on him and is typically the one who helps calm him down and offers a shoulder for him to cry on. Serving as a foil to Weltraum's pessimism, he often shares encouraging words with him in an attempt to cheer him up and help him adopt a more positive outlook on their situation, which Weltraum accepts despite appearing to be annoyed by Kleinod's optimism.

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In the first 4koma volume, the two briefly cross paths in their previous lives while Makoto is leaving for his father's wedding.


Kunzite from the Sailor Moon 90's anime adaptation served as the primary inspiration for Kleinod. When intially conceived, he was a standard purgatory ghost, since Elle had yet to arrive and the concept of ghost subspecies. His ghost name was Gisnacht (coinciding with Weltraum's prototypical name Walpurg) and his human name was Junichi Ogata. His uniform was the same, but with buttons instead of a zipper in the front and less pockets, and he wore a crystal ball on his left hand to keep tabs on Sumire (prototypical Kotori Miyazawa). His hair was white, as well as straighter and much longer, and his eyes were red. His physical age was upped by three years and his chronological/mental age was 40. While still a suicide victim, in the initial draft he had overdosed on perscription drugs and alcohol. His powers were centered on medicine, love, liquids and glass. In a slight role-reversal with Weltraum, his orientation was bisexual while Walpurg was homosexual. His assumed human form was a twelve year old girl named Sakiko Kusakabe, and he briefly had another human alter ego known as Kuroi-sensei.

Other forms of inspiration for his personality include Olan Rogers, Tim Hawkins, and even his own voice actor.


Kleinod is the German word for precious minerals in general, as well as a term used for anything considered precious or valuable, which symbolizes the feelings Weltraum has for him.

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It could also be applied to the colloquialism "family jewels", thus referencing his past as a sexual abuse victim.


  • His name is commonly mispelled as Klenoid by fans.
  • He is a chaotic neutral.

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