The Caged Underworld (Season 1)
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Genre Shoujo, supernatural, urban fantasy, speculative fiction, mystery, comedy, drama, tragedy, shounen-ai
Rating 16+
Season One
Episodes Unknown (Work in progress)

The Caged Underworld (Season 1)The Caged Underworld (Season 2)


aki2Jewels of Malice

The Caged Underworld (Season 1), also known as the Limbus Arc, is the first season of The Caged Underworld. As it is currently in the process of being written, the episode list is a work in progress and subject to change. More episodes will be added as they are written.


Episode List

Episode Number: Episode Title:
1 "The Night Doesn't Last Forever"
2 "You Would Do The Same For Me"
3 "Are You Missing Someone?"
4 "I Feel The Same As You"
5 "Please Wake Up Soon"
6 "Let Me Help"
7 "Welcome To The State Of Dreaming"
8 "Strange Couples"
9 "Great Minds Think Alike"
10 "I Just Wanted To Save Him"
11 "It's Gonna Be Okay"

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