Inspired by a prompt I saw on my dash a long time ago. Will definitely edit this as I release more episodes bc context and spoilers

But yes, without further ado, here is my table of hypothetical changes made to TCU if 4Kids acquired the rights:

General changes

  • Only the first season would be aired in this adaptation. Backstory movies don't exist either
  • Death is a no-no in 4Kids land, and as such the plot is changed to the characters no longer being ghosts, instead being some kind of humanoid, incorporeal supernatural being/monster with no origin as living humans (obviously they wouldn't reap souls either and instead the go around to find people who are emotionally asleep and try to WAKE THEM UP INSIIIIDE)
  • Anything violent or sexual is cut out as well, and battle scenes are typically shortened

Changes to characters

  • Weltraum's gender will be changed from male to female (and a valley girl at that) to make his relationship with Kleinod heterosexual
  • Kleinod's cigarettes will be digitally edited to resemble something more innocuous (like maybe blowpops or something idk). Any references to his previous relationship with his long-distance ex-boyfriend Tomoe Kawano are cut
  • The hostile relationships between Sterbenfrau and Kleinod and Foppen and Weltraum are exagerrated to be primarily played for laughs
  • Foppen's more extreme actions toward Weltraum are cut out, and is depicted mostly as a petty flirt. References to his vampiric proclivities and the fact that his head isn't properly attached to his body are removed. The red scar/seam around his neck is digitally painted out
  • Kotori's car accident is only somewhat implied, and her family is less dysfunctional here than in the original (such as her father's alcohol problem being retconned)

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